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Toronto is a huge city that contains about 1/8 of Canada’s population, and is a very diverse city. It has many different ethnic groups and has the largest Italian population outside of Italy. It has nice weather and rarely has heavy snowfall. During the summer it can be in the 90’s. The CN Tower, the world’s tallest free-standing tower is in Toronto. Near the top is a rotating restaurant called “360 the Restaurant” that not only serves great food but also provides a great view of the city. The Toronto Zoo is home to over 5000 animals and is a great place to go if you like animals. There are many tours of the city that can be on bus, boat, trolley, and foot. All of the street signs going east-west are yellow, and all of the street signs going north-south are blue.

  • Toronto was once called York
  • about 1/8 of Canada's pop. lives in Toronto
  • large industrial center
  • very industrialized
  • called the octopus because of the large power networks of huge business
  •  is in ottowa, near the ottowa/quebec border
    • made of many ethnic groups
    • largest group is Asian (mostly Chinese)
    • Chinatown has a fortune cookie factory that makes over 10,000 cookies a day
    • Greektown in East Toronto
    • largest Italian population outside of Italy
    • West Toronto has Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Korean neighborhoods
      • was the fastest growing north american city
      • warm climate
      • diverse culture
      • street signs goeing east-west are yellow
      • signs going north-south are blue
      • eaton centre is huge shopping centre
      • the cn tower is the worlds tallest free standing tower 
      • it has a rotating restaurant at the top
      • has a fast elevator that will get you to the top in seconds
        • rarely has heavy snowfalls
        • not as chilly as typical of Canadian weather
        • July & Aug can be in 90's
        • mid-May to early June is the best time to go there
        • Casa Loma has 98 rooms, underground tunnel, secret passageways
        • CN Tower observation deck (can see Niagara Falls, Buffalo on clear day)
        • Hockey Hall of Fame museum
        • Ontario Science Center
        • Royal Ontario Museum
        • Toronto Zoo has over 5000 animals
        • many sightseeing tours: boat, bus, trolley, walking
        • many festivals, shows, other events



Toronto CN Tower Toronto CN Tower
Toronto Casa Loma Hotel Toronto Casa Loma Hotel

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