Travel to Canada

Travel Tips

When in Canada, there are some things you need to or should do. Seatbelt use is required, snow tires are also required in some provinces and in others you must have your headlights on during the day.

If you want to go a long east-west distance you should use the Trans-Canada highway that goes across canada.

Adults must have a U.S. passport to enter Canada; kids under 16 need proof of U.S. citizenship

The speed limit is usually 50 km/hr (cities), 80 km/hr (hwys), 100 km/hr (rural)

Car seats are required for kids under 40 lbs.

Winter travel can be dangerous. Some roads and bridges can be closed in winter.

Watch for large animals at night in rural areas.

Use caution on Highway 401 (from Detroit to Montreal) due to high amount of truck traffic, traffic backups, and possible sudden severe weather changes.

You can be fined for not locking your car or for leaving valuables in sight in Montreal, Vancouver, and some other places.

Railroads connect most major towns and cities. Cities have efficient transit systems such as buses and subways.

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A Canadian railroad A Canadian railroad
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