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Hnakras make good pets because they are docile and intelligent.(and deadly!)
Caring for your hnakra
Hnakras are easy to care for because if you mistreat them they will devour you, which ensures that you will be fully focused on their proper care.

What is a hnakra?
Hnakras are mammals, like ninjas or broccoli (not sure about broccoli, actually).
Their home planet is Malacandra (translates to Mars)

My Hnakra likes to play halo his name is jimmy.He wants halo 3 but i am too cheep to get it.Jimmy goes to Detroit Country Day School.
I have another Hnakra her name is Anna she also likes halo but is wise and does not wish to buy any of the games because she is saving her money for useful items. Instead she plays the free trial from

This is jimmy in a pelicanthis is jimmy in a banshee



The llama song